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About us

Jiangsu zhenchi Auto Technology Co.,Ltd/Guangzhou Zhenchi Auto Technology Co.,Ltd  as one of the professional manufacturers in China, since 1997 We are focusing on developing and manufacturing Auto parts, especially in Japanese cars, such as MPV series like Alphard, Vellfire and LM. We offer the interior and outer smart upgrade. Make each car more convenient and good looking.We have many registed brand such as F.Y. Fouder, Forseeing,SVL. 

Our main products for inside are USB chargers, Atmosphere light, Roof light control module, knob, armrest box,clothes pole, TV box module and others components. For the outer, we offer head lamp, bumpers, and other decoration parts. We upgrade the old models to the latest new ones with TRD and Modellista Design.

For about 30 years, under the guidance of the spirit of innovation, the company has won trust and support from our customers and suppliers. The company's products have been sold all over the world, got high reputation in Southeast Asia, Middle East and other regions.

We hope to cooperate with our agents and distributors to win-to-win together all over the world.

We provide customers with the best products.

We supply the most timely and sincere service to all customers of us.

Let's grow together in the future!And welcome you contact us at any time!



Contact: Amy Cheng

Phone: 13578734761

Tel: 13578734761

Email: info@zcautopart.com

Add: Xinxiang Industrial Park, Danbei Town,Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China

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